A lone soldier admires the sunset over the cold wasteland


This is pretty bland and awful. Try again. I give you a box to live in.

Use a higher quality AK-47, push the legs foward a tad bit, looks like he’s about to fall in my opinion. Graphics look good and turn up AA if you haven’t already, also looks pretty empty and boring. I still give you artistic though.

Well, the AA is up to max, it’s supposed to look empty to show that he’s on his own.

Yes, even though he’s alone, there can still be props there to fill the emptyness EX: Broken cars, burning cars, wasteland stuff, ect.

It’s too empty. Also, you couldn’t find anything besides the default arctic? Get some skins boy!


Gah, ninja’d.

Yeah, forgot to mention that aswell Oreo. You can use the Russian Snow ultranationalist look-a-likes that Ddok made!

I know, but I like the arctic avenger

That’s not an excuse. At least get something higher quality for Christ’s sake.

Arctic Avengers are instawin because the terrorist group originates from Sweden :sweden:

Is their terror based on loopholes?

I never said it was an excuse fuck head. I just prefer the Artic Avenger model

i like it

Calm down, Jesus. Also, poses are what the people want, not your misguided preferences.

Simple, maybe too simple but I like it because the artic avengers are cool.

What the fuck do you want? I posed. I don’t give two shits if you like it or not.

Dumbest reply I have ever read, you dont do poses to please people, you do poses to have fun, if people like them its just mear coincidence.

Edit; My automerge! you murderers!

Inb4 Deri liked them.


It’s the opinions of other people that matter, or else you wouldn’t post it for people to see. If you don’t want criticism, don’t post it here then bitch when people don’t like it.


You pose poses to impress people. Again, you wouldn’t put them in a public area if it wasn’t for people to like them or give criticism.

I would like some criticism, but from someone helpful, not some idiot with 30 posts who just says. “bland and awful”.


We don’t pose to impress people. We pose something that we would like, and if we think it would be cool to share it with the rest of FP, we post it.

I gave plenty of C&C. Don’t be elitist, I have more posts on here than you, it’s called an alt genius.
You pose to get C&C and impress people, don’t deny it for the sake of being argumentative.