A lone soldier against the Infected

Well,my second pic here,hope it’ll get better comments than the last one (which even i say-FAILED -_-’)
Editing done in GMod using it’s simple yet quite fun features,not a pro I know-still learning to edit :stuck_out_tongue:


C&C Please.

You can’t fire a shotgun with one arm. Don’t use sharpen.

The posing is okay.

Hmm…good point,silly me :wink: I’ll find sum better weapon for him then.And thanks :D.

Awesome finger and hand posing.
Posing looks nice too.

IMO the angle is kinda meh but I cant think of another angle right now… Also remember to set your graphs at max.

Thanks :D,bout the graphics-DAMMIT! I forgot -_-’ And about the angels,I was looking for some more,and i have like 10 pics of this.This and 1 more were the only ones I liked but I decided to put this one up as it shows the Soldier much more than the previous one.I’ll get the other one here soon as well for comparison.I’ll also get mah graph max’ed out next time-saved it for future stuff :wink:

It looks way too sharp, it could use more blur next time.

Also, why use a riot shield?

boomer bile, hunter pounces, smoker tongues, spitter acid? :smug:

Of course he can, that’s Arnold Schwarzenegger in his new role as a riot cop.
I like the idea, needs better execution, criticism has been said.

Francis can. :colbert:

Was about to say it :smiley:

Anyway,thanks guys,I’ll make it better tommoz!(its like 23:32 here <_<) anyway,here’s the second shot that I said I like:


I kinda like this one moar than the first one although it doesnt show the soldier’s front :stuck_out_tongue: Done at the same time (not exactly) as the previous one.

Good job with the riot guy, zombie posing is ok…

Oh,and the reson that I used the Riot soldier and a riot shield-just got models off ddok :* and wanted to give 'em a try :smiley: I’ll get sume moar with erm,Jaggernaught maybe? :wink:

EDIT:In the movie “Rundown” i think it was called,The Rock used 2 shotguns.In both hands. :stuck_out_tongue: