A lone soldier in the streets of a city after the first infection


C&C please i havent been posing in a while please tell me how to improve so i can get better at this stuff

I’m not seeing the picture.

fuck, same here. I MUST FIX WITH HASTY!!!1



hey i’m flying he doesn’t seem to sit, but floating it’s the camera angle i guess also are you sure you turned up your graphics up ?

no i didnt im kinda new so…yeah.

no actually it’s a very nice try, but you should make the soldier sitting in the rear instead infront of the camera. And if you want to take a screenshot, turn your graphics up it’s not a video you don’t need high framerate. Also use the SDoF the super one not the simple(if you are new to gmod go to processing in the tools section and you’ll find it)

The graphics are horrible. Turn them up to the max.

Thank you for your help i will be sure to take all of that into account with my next screenshot

Really nice pic, no real nit-picks except your graphics.

I liked it, but it would’ve been better with some blood on the floor or around the bodies just for detail.

for some reason… the l4d2 maps arent working for me :confused:

its not a l4d2 map its Cs_ assualt with some props on it, hope that helps :slight_smile:

Have you played too much Crysis? Because i have max settings and they don’t look much better than that. It could be jpeg-quality.

Dumasses :byodood:

agreed they are full of shit well for the max guy


it’s true this is like 50% of source engine’s capability you are bullshiting us

I compared my gmod to his screenshot… not Crysis. -.-

who gives a damn your settings are not maxed out. More like medium to me

Little tip: Add commas to your replies, makes it easier to read. Also, i just said because Combine said that graphics looks horrible.