A lone soldier prepares to check a camp...

This may not be the greatest pose, I just wanted to do a pose that’s slightly different from the normal people shooting off screen…C&C if you feel the urge to.

“The camp seemed empty, but the feeling in the air was of evil, the soldier nervously prepared to swing around the corner and meet the evil.”


Looks like there isn’t much to check.

Hm…Maybe if I add a backstory than maybe it will make more sense? Because that book is the Necronomicon. ^.^

I loled IRL at the posing on the guy by the car. Anyways, that Prop placement seems odd to me but that might be the limited view you took the screenshot from.

nice, could use shading and better prop placement

Hmmm…I really should learn to place props better >.>
The posing looked alot better form the side…well try, try, and try again!

Took me a minute to see the guy, then I laughed at his posing.

Also what’s with the truck’s lights being dark yet shining? And what’s with the Hind-D implanted in the ground?

Wellll…I didn’t realize that little graphics error until it was too late, and the hind was originally crashed but in my infinite wisdom I forgot to remove it…and his pose seemed so much better when I was making it…All in all…BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!!!

there’s a guy?

oh shit

noooo the horrible posing it will burn your eyes!