A lone survivor strides along a forsaken battlefield


C&C. Tested layers and a debris effect.

what the hell is that on the bottom

edit: looks good except for that brown shit.

Dust. And other debris.

looks like brown water or something.

But posing is top :smiley:

It doesn’t look like dust to anyone?


Nope looks more like somebody jizzed on the camera if you ask me :lol:

Semen isn’t brown.

there is a problem with your balls bro

apart from the brown watery shit, looks aaight.

Wtf i feel kidded?
Why joking at me bro?

Srsly this doesnt look like dust but I suck more at editing than you so I am not allowed to make jokes here :wink:

He didn’t swear at you

The “dust” is too thick.

Doesn’t look too forsaken.
When I think forsaken, I think of say, rp_wuste.

Forsaken, as in, a no-mans-land place. Only complete idiots or brave soldiers would dare go there. Not many have the guts to fight in a warzone full of huge holes glowing orange, a place full of gigantic bug-like creatures ready to impale or disintegrate you on sight.

2D fog is… very 2D. It has no depth.


Hm, well…how do I give it depth?

Try using lots of different layers of it and dodging and burning each layer differently and where the light would hit it as if it was 3D. Also, on layers that are lower down, try erasing any fog that is on the character to give the impression that some of the fog is behind your character.