A lone Terrorist pointing a gun at an injured CT.

The terrorist is going to take out the injured CT. Yes, he took out all of them with a pistol, he’s skilled.


sorry for long thread title and not editing, just couldn’t edit it without looking crap. Can someone please edit it with their awesome sauce skills.

ALSO, noticed that his knee’s been shot. But he still bends it. Didn’t catch that till today.

C&C please.

Turn on AA and up your graphics, looks awful

Good posing, actually. Albeit cartoonish, but it certainly gets the point across.

if you were going to make him aiming like that atleast make turn his gun sideways so he looks more badass

I’ve taken out the better part of the CT team with the starting pistol before. It only worked once; after the first time I kept failing. The posing is good, but the map choice and graphics level make it look…not as good. Turn up the graphics and turn on AA (if possible). And use a CS:S map.

Turnup AA, and posing could use some work. Good try, though.

“Please! Don’t shoot!”
“I’m sorry Dave, I cannot do that”

Looks like the Terrorist just Shit himself before taking the Shot.

New catchphrase!
“Shit before Shot”? :v:

Tip: Use some light Super DoF to smooth out the edges and go into color mod and play around with contrast and color saturation.

Thanks, my first serious pose. I like the map because it reminds me of a riotish type of map. I should’ve tilted the gun, damn it!

And he probably did shit himself before aiming. It was 4 against 1, with him with just a pistol. And My computer would’ve crashed if I turned up graphs, that’s why I want some-one to edit it with their skills if they want.

Thanks for feed back.

The terrorist must have balls of metal (avoiding meme) for standing in such a wierd way, and I cant see a finger on the trigger.

Ahh, foiled! His finger went all spastic on me and it’s hidden behind the gun. Nice eye for detail.