a long telescope reach for the bolt?

hi everyone!

I think the sights of weapons are not very accurate especially for the bolt gun

that’s why I wanted to know if you think it would be nice to add a scope between x6 and x12 minimum.

if this is the case I thought this telescope for crafter should retrieve sand to melt in addition to iron

grieve if my English is bad I’m french =)

Rust isn’t about killing people from 6000 yards.

garry wants you up close if you’re going to kill each other.

That’s why the bolt rifle isn’t super-accurate. Also, all projectiles are physical, so you have bullet drop.

Yes I agree that rust is not a simulator but moin sniper put a 4x zoom.

But I noticed that the bolt and unnecessary as above 30 meter no one even knows more about what it takes so the scope is so broad in these cases we take the pump and not the bolt.

A sniper style rifle in Rust Legacy would be very OP. So for now i think it would be best not to add these kind of weapons. Maybe later they can be modded in.

I’m guessing the bolt will probably get a holo sight, just like in Legacy. That way it will be more useful.