A look at the new bolt action rifle.

Just wanted to craft this bad boy before I went to sleep, so here it is in all its glory. Also notice the new “sway” mechanic which should apply to all guns now. The gun takes 556 ammo and has a maximum range of 300, almost twice the range of the m4!

The rifle with a holo sight

No gun attachments?

The one I crafted has one slot.

The sway looks horrendous! They should make it hunger related, more hungry = more sway.

Yeah it should be kind like this… or implement a hold breath function…

Are you running on low detail settings? Because this is what’s causing this graphical oddity


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(the wrist geometry is looking odd because it’s affected by 3 bones, but on medium and low detail settings Unity falls back to only 2 bones per vertex max)

Its a little odd, I sat perfectly still aiming at a wall and my character just slowly aims toward the floor…

Well that’s fucking disgusting. I wanted a high powered rifle in .30-06 or something. 5.56 is weak. And a holo sight on that is ridiculous/disgusting

If you make this Gun more Powerfull you have the Problem,that everyone are sitting on a Rock and play Sniper.
5.56 is high enough to kill someone.And the Range is higher than the M4.So i like it

What does disgusting mean in this context I am confused

Hi Helk !

i know its not the right Topic but you here :slight_smile:

Will there be a Wipe after the Patch?

Since all People craft now so many Grenades and Ammo and GP.



5.56 in a bolt action rifle? Hopefully that will be changed in the future.

In reality a 5.56 bolt action would be considered a varmint rifle

we were considering renaming the ammo to say ‘Rifle Ammo’ ‘Pistol Ammo’ etc in the future.
The damage is still high don’t worry about it.

Will the muzzle sway be fixed? In reality you would only be swaying like that if drunk.

Try Crouching,

There needs to be a tradeoff imho I want to try it like this first, if you just wait, the sway gives you windows of oppourtunity, I quite like it.

I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to add a weapon that kills anyone in one shot to the head across the map with laser beam accuracy to the game right now. It’s probably a little OP as it is.

Keep in mind this isn’t battlefield, getting one shotted with full kevlar, from across the map by someone with very little aiming talent losing all of your stuff would not exactly be ‘fun’

Maybe I’m just a purist, but a holosight/silencer/etc shouldn’t be allowed to be placed on that rifle imo. I think it should have a slot for a high powered scope though, maybe a bipod. Just things that don’t ruin the aesthetic.

How far away can you hear it? It’d be fucking terrifying to hear the report of a rifle from extremely far away as the bullets hit the ground by your feet.

We would like to eventually have item mods that look the role and eventually, I could code some restrictions at some point but I’m dealing with some other issues right now

Any chance of blackpowder weapons? A flintlock Rifle or Blunderbuss would look awesome while still maintaining the “primitive” style of the game. Not beyond the realms of logic either since anyone with the skills can manufacture one of these weapons in an afternoon, as opposed to making an M4 from scratch which is damn near impossible.