a lua problem in my sudtom dark rp job....

EDIT, i screwed title up sorry it should say custom…
this is a error i get in console when i luanch my custom darkrp gamemode with custom jobs(note i’ve stared words that i wish to keep private)

****\gamemode\shared.lua:121: ‘)’ expected (to close ‘(’ at line 119) near ‘[[ the most basic role in the ***** besides living on a *******,
search the ****** and enjoy life,]]’

this is the entire job code
TEAM_******** = AddExtraTeam(“", Color(127, 127, 127, 255), “models/player/gorup01/male_01.mdl”
[[ the most basic role in the ****** besides living on a *******,
search the ****** and enjoy life, ]], {}, "
”, 0, 45, 0, false, false)

please dont post stupid messages saying darkrp fails…
it doesnt…
and thanks for your help if you say something, !USEFUL and RELEVANT!

You ******** to put a , after the model ********. That will ******** your ********s.

No ************* he already has a ******* after the ********, thought it ********* won’t **************

Look closely at the ******. There’s nothing between the ********* and the *********, where there should be a ,.

Yup, he’s definitely missing a " , " right after the part where he mispells *****!

Why did you censor all that? And use [noparse][lua][/noparse] tags.

Oh god I hadn’t noticed that. :*******:
It’s ‘misspells’ incidentally. :eng101:

Damn Wiis don’t have spellcheckers. :ninja:

if your just going to be a fuckwit, then piss off.

Really man, was it needed to censor everything? it’s not like anyone wants your crappy darkrp class (that doesn’t even work apparently). You misspelled group.

While we’re at it I can’t see a comma between the model name and the description.

hint hint

thank you, hes actually explained it without being a wanker…

Sorry about that.

He clearly hasn’t hung out here enough. I’m sure it won’t happen again. :ghost:

its okay i forgivagesises you all

I’m pretty sure he was referring to me not going along with the joke, not the others starting it.

threads dead now,
and lol i wasnt thinking of it that way but i see what your thinking…