A Lua script needed. ITT: Blood_impact.pcf. Please read.

I copied and pasted this from the Newbie Help section. This seems like a better place. I might also go to the model and skins section(?)

What is your problem: I’m trying to figure out how to get the blood_impact.pcf “stick” to the target.
What type is your problem: Particles/Lua
Is your code serverside, clientside, or shared: Clientside
How experienced are you at GLua: I’m not familiar with Lua at all.
Did you receive an error: Yes. **
If yes, what was the entire contents of this error:
When I shoot the target, and it moves, the blood floats in the air.**
If yes, what color was this error: N/A
Post the source of your error. **It’s more of a video - (Watch the whole thing)

**Like if you ignite a ragdoll. The fire “sticks” to it. even when you move it around. Rather then just float in the air. So that’s basically what I need. Except. It comes out of one concentrated spot, instead of it being all over the ragdoll. You guys get it?