A " Lua Teacher"

Its me, DarkRising i want to learn Lua.
I already have begun with some of the basics and i am asking if somone wants to be my “Lua Teacher” .
The Reason why i want to learn Lua is because i want to code Gamemodes Administrating systems and other nice - And Helpfull things.

My first try with Lua was fixing Zombie Survival 2.01 but , i didnt manage it to fix it.

I balanced some things fixed “easy fixable” things, added Nocollide from another gamemode in it ( Thats also 1 of the reasons why i want to learn Lua )
and deleted useless things like the DrawNoxBox function for NoxDB.
The Lua knowledge i have right now isnt very far and most i know, Is learned from looking into Lua codes of other People.

With Greetings - DarkRising

Try getting a teacher to “teached” you english first before you go on to make " SuPaH1337LEet kiddie rp server".

I have got another GMT it was like 23.20 in my GMT when i wrote that…
And i dont even want to make an RP Server.
RP servers are most likely DarkRP and full with Griefers.
And,sorry that my first language wasnt English…

The wiki is the best teacher.

pil + wiki + lua questions forum

DarkRising , Try DarkRising hell be the best teacher you could have.

Find a projects that you want to acomplish.
Break that project down and then figure each peice out. Ask questions here, look at the wiki, read the pil once before you start.

No one can really teach you a programming language praticaly as well as yourself.

First, Fixing Zombie Survival 2.01 is a big thing. Working on a fix is not how you learn lua.
Think about how you learned English, like noticed by MilkWorm. Notice how you actually learned English by READING english, not by writing it.
Read lua. Also, there are different segments of lua. you need to tackle each one, one at a time.
There is:
Gamemode Lua (i’d say one of the hardest, deals with the most complex parts)
Derma Lua (Easy to learn, but you need creativity)
SWEP Lua (Again, easy to learn, but requires some work to practice)
There are probably more than just that, but if you want to learn one, go and download one and read it.
Like for instance, if your trying to learn to code a gamemode, go and read the lua files from Zombie Survival v2.01 (Although i don’t recommend it, its kind of derpy code wise)
While reading, think out the functions in your head. this will help you understand the lua that you are reading. also, dont try to read alot at once. you will catch yourself thinking off into space WHILE reading, totally missing all the lua you could have absorbed just then.
Try to start with easy stuff. i started by reading files from the Zombie Survival v2.01 weapons. in about a day, i was able tell you what each and every line did.
Dont forget to use the Wiki. if you do not understand a function or a line of code, look it up on the wiki. It should be your most potent weapon in the learning of lua. it’s great for explaining calls and functions.

I also tryed it with weapons first - Porting ToyBox weapons later i was to the Weapons of 2.01.
I dont now how to fix the Melee Weapons atm but i think i fixed the Zombie ones.
Also i experimented with the Code to learn a bit so i think i fixed some of the "not hard " bugs.
At the moment i probaly not really am at the beginning, but not very far.
Also i not really mean Lua Teacher like a real Teacher more like , when i dont know how to do something then i can ask him and he helps me then.

Just ask FacePunch.

ok sure but I charge £10 an hour