A Lua Tutorial for utter idiots.

I know basic lua, such as scripting weapons, some entities,etc. But i’m looking too learn more, to make my own weapons bases, tank vehicles, etc, and all the tutorials on google are just too… hard to truly understand. I’d like a good, simple, lua tutorial put in lamen’s terms for noobs like me. Thanks in advance.

Lua is based off of C I believe (or at least very similar). So join a class of basic C programming locally and you’ll be a lua master in no time!

Yeah Lua and C(++) are very similar.

int Number = 5;
void DoStuff() {

Number = 5
function DoStuff()
Number = Number + 1

So yeah, I’d take a C class in High School or something.

I can’t :frowning: oh well, i’ll ask some friends.

This is the best you’ll get http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Lua_Tutorial_Series
I’ve never really found any other tutorials that are good, most of the stuff I’ve learned was from looking at scripts that have similar functions that I want, then trying to figure out what it all means by searching the wiki for things I don’t understand.

I disagree with Noisy Spy-Alt and Zetanor. While you can use C-like techniques in Lua, Lua can do oh so much more. I’m not saying don’t take the class, the more you program the better you get in every language. Just saying that if you DO take a C course, try not to get stuck in a rut. (Also, remember that C is harder to use than Lua.)



If you code something in Lua, I will code it in C++ and we will decide which is better.

Well, That’s not a really a good example >.<


Look at the source engine. It was coded in C++. So was Garry’s Mod. Without Garry’s Mod you wouldn’t have a Lua plugin, thing.

It was obviously sarcasm. Both languages are extremely different.

Ya, same. I’ve made many weapons, but basic lua, such as scripting weapons/entities is all i know… Im sad that i’m learning modelling before lua :frowning:

is there a “Multiplayer” Lua sandbox thing, where you and an experienced Lua coder (most likely a friend you talked into helping you) go into a text editor, where you each get 2 screens, side by side, and you could type in the left, and your friend could type in the right, and you can see what the other types, and then you can both play with code, and see hands on how to code…