A makeshift camp made by a few military guys (somesort of Stalker-ish)

I felt like playing around practicing those dirt/rust effects, came out to be a stalker pic.


The window posseses the magic powers of light :science:
And a small little informative detail thingy that happened in Empire total war: I got ambushed by around 3000 muslim peasant ninjas, :iia:

C&C and ratings are liked. (I know it is a bit boring,)

Pretty good. The prop-placement is good. The isolation looks off though and I think this is made more noticeable by the sharpen on the characters.

Looks really nice, I like the color tones.
Nice posing and prop placing :slight_smile:

nice prop placement and posing, although too much bloom

I think it might be better if you took out the middle character. Prop palace is great by the way.