A Man And His Cat - A Sad Gmod Story By John Cletus

Link if that one doesn’t work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV_zYjC1qeU&feature=relmfu
** Basically what the title said, A Sad Story I scratched together in a couple days, If you feel in the mood comment and rate**

Lots of framerate drops, the texture quality is shit, theres a god damn hole in the wall at the beginning, the music was unfitting, there was a name that popped up for a second, the ragdoll moments were quite bad as well.

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Also im only two minutes into this thing.


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Also, you lag horribly.

The part where the cat is on the ground after being hit has so much god damn bloom rape its almost impossible to see.

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This part made no sense and is quite stupid.

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The bit where he goes down when the cat is covered in shitty blood decals, the posing is dog shit.

I laughed when the cat went flying after the police car tried to ramp it.

Am I a bad person?

You can even see the damn message when he kills the cop.

Oh and to add onto the part i mentioned just before this, that actually mad me laugh because of his horrible faceposing, pose, and how its supposed to be “serious”.

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Overall, this is stupid.

Well, the plot wasn’t all as thought out and original as I would’ve liked. The ragdoll posing seems really lazy and lacking so I suggest you work a bit on that. Over all I see you have a bit of potential but you gotta work hard on your editing, use less filters because no, they’re not cool effects. They merely make the movie look terrible. Also, when recording the video, make sure to use some proper software. Your video has a very low framerate making it seem unprofessional and generally just makes it a pain to look at. In short, work on originality, editing and recording and try writing a more meaningful plot the next time you decide to do machinima! Sure you’ll go far with some practice. :smile:

Edit: Oh and Aaron, is all this really necessary? Could you not just post some criticism instead of bashing the guys work? I mean, what you’re doing is probably not doing much good. Everyone started out somewhere you know.

Well thanks for the reviews guys, good or bad or “shit” it was after all my first machmina, and made in a few days, but thanks for the advice and reviews.