A Man and his Dog

Sorry about the spam really, I just had a lot of work I was keeping. This is the final pic btw.

You know if you are posting so much work at once, why not just make a thread with all the pictures together?

Might be a little too close to his dog…

Don’t know why, but from looking on this pic I do clearly hear “ZZZIP!”… What the fuck?.. Is it really supposed to be like that?

Too close.

Do I see something here? :raise:


Something wierd.

Well, I see…


I thought it was a sexpose at first.

He’s about to unzip his fly.

i think the next pic is gonna need to be in the sexpose thread.

pretty sure the dog will rip his penis or chew it off really…


Heads up, disturbing footage!
took me 20 seconds to make