A man being assassinated by The Man With The Golden Gun.


-I think this is my best edit yet
-Scaramanga’s gun is barely visible i know but it is too in the movies,
-The motion blur from the gun is not to my liking
-There’s no muzzleflash because the GG has no muzzleflash.
-Scaramanga’s actually GMAN!
-One golden shot means another poor victim has come to a glittering end, due to scaramanga NEVER Missing,

Im sorry to say, but the smudge/motion blur is horrible. Also the bullet is huge. And the guy next to him has one hell-of-a reaction time. I like the idea tough.

The bullet’s big because according to the movie the bullets flatten on impact, and i hate the motion blur going twards the man but imo the blur on the man’s blood looks good.

Posing on the guy on the left is really bad.
Actually posing on G-Man is pretty poor too.
Black bars are way too big. Cropping with small bars would have been better.
Watermark is unnecessary.
That smudging/motion-blur stuff is very ugly.

AA is awfully low.
Posing is stiff as hell.
Blood on the face is good.
Blood on the dudes body is horrible\Smudge & Blur are fucking horrible too, its sharp as hell, work on layers please, also dont blur the whole thing, only the bullet.

bullets flatten on impact, and they continue to shoot forward with extreme velocity to make a foot-wide hole in a guy? just stop.

the motion blur is horrible, the angle is completely wrong, the coloring scheme is alright, but everything else sucks.

I thought the bullet was the gun being thrown at him.

AZNZ, you’ve never seen The Man With The Golden Gun I take it? it’s the best ever bond film, anyway in the movie there’s a claim from Q That a 00-agent was killed by the Golden Gun, and the bullet flattened and went straight through his Spinal column, and loged in a wall.

The bullet is still huge even if its flattened.

Fuck, I just saw the bullet trail made with smudge… its horrible…
Man, don’t do that!

You still haven’t learned to take C&C well did you?, there is no need to give spoilers from the bond movie to proof that the bullet could be going all the way through.

ANd if you think the blur is ugly yourself, why didn’t you try to find a way to get a better effect.
And why is the guy ejecting black stuff from his wound, his shirt can never stretch that far.

Actually they’re not spoilers at all, It’s explained minutes in


Cloud brushes and 2D smoke lol.

Still a rather large improvement.

Joazzz, you did it again.

thread now belongs to joazzz

Yes because he did all the hard work and spent 15 hours strategically planning out how to do everything

You strategically planned out a picture? :raise:

Well he certainly edited it alot better than you ever will.

Also if it takes you 15 hours to “strategically plan” a bad pose you really have no hope.


(Also, you think TMWTGG was the best bond movie?! (or best ever bond film, as you would say) I mean, sure its a sweet movie, but what about Goldeneye, License to Kill, or You Only Live Twice??)