A man confined to an asylum bed.

Essential Thread music.

Joazzz did the edit but you probably won't read this.


This would fit in well with ‘Rainy Days’.
Nice lighting.

Well jo’ needs to practice his editing.

Pose is pretty decent. Faceposing on the central guy is funny.
Rim-lighting/highlighting is quite bad.
Thread music is just… … not exactly essential.

It’s Jo’ with big J for you, sir!

But I agree.

Can you point out the good things and the bad things?


This shows how my editing is going nowadays.


Wonder when it starts going like this…


I did pose it to the music.

Rated informative.

Rated funny

it’s good but he doesn’t seem to be struggling so why is he confined or did they drug him?

Propably a bad case of schizophrenia.

Looking at his face I’d say drugged.

Yeah, or that.

He just needs to put on his


“Problem, doctor?” “Yes. You.”

“Dr. Freeman we will now continue with the investigation. This man claims to have been living in a world ruled by aliens wich he refers to as “the combine””

“ah man this guy isFreeman makes the Coo-Coo gesture

Have an artistic, awesome-posing man.

Actually it’s intended to be Walter Freeman, the inventor of the Transorbital lobotomy.

Oh yes! i can see for the goatee! what did that transorbital lobotomy do? launch the brain into space, repair it in zero gravity and then make it come back, rite?

Essentially yes, he’s one of the unfortunate lobotomees who didn’t die instantly

This is awesome!

Thanks :haw: