A man feeding a headcrab

Mostly in-game, just some things added and fixed.



That thing looks cute sitting like that.

Anyone have thread music suggestions?

Looks good also where did you get the bread model?

It’s a model from DoD:S which I modified with the Prop Resizer.


Joazzz have managed the impossible. To make a head crab look cute.
Nice in game light work.

I expected the headcrab to be coupling with his head. Nice job.



I wanna sharpen tool that breastick to badly

Lamar is very :3


lol see that, a freudian slip, should’ve been breaDstick instead it’s a breast stick =/


That’s adorable.

Dawww, cute headcrab.

I like the pose on the crab.

The guy’s head positioning is really weird though - looks kinda painful on the neck. People tend to use their eyes to look at things more than their head.

And hacked people tend to have broken eyelids :frown:

It may be cute until it jumps on your head.

I hope Grigori doesn’t ruined it.


This picture is so adorable.