A Man Following The Road With Kid Offscreen

Based off of the book, and movie. I enjoyed the movie. Saddening… but realistic not like 2012.
(I couldn’t get the child worker model to work… so he is offscreen)

I tried to make the guy look a little older, with wrinkles on his face. The colour change did odd things to the gm_atomic map lol. I think it turned out okay.

I loved the movie, some may not.





It’s supposed to look somewhat like a photo, which is why I used the chromatic abberation technique.

Fantastic prop-placement.
Really beautiful lighting in the edit, seems like a different map.

One side of the character looks a tad unnaturally dark.
Posing seems a little wonky.

Wow very nice, love the details.

Also fuck yeah, old post icons are back!

I like it alot!

Great job on everything! Here, have an artistic.

I kinda dont like the trees at the left they look a little repetitive but the road view is amazing.
Also as Chesty said, the way you worked the map’s light makes it look alot more clean and less orange, which looks really nice.


What?! New icons? Pff there is no GIMP one :frowning:

Techically, they’re old icons. :v:

Very nice edit. A major improvement. But why the kid of screen thing? Lazy poser:)

Forgot to grant thee artistic.

I couldn’t get child worker to work(How ironic…)

Either else I could of pose him and edited him almost like the kid in the movie:

Thank you for all the comments, and about the shading on the guy, Iunno. Guess I just wanted him to look kinda dead, or something.

I would like to see this get some more comments… :sax:

Nice build!

Nice edit and build. When you posted the original first, I thought it was a joke.

Heh, only a fool would do that!

I’ve only made it to where people actually see the amount of editing that does go into my pictures.

Hell, you’ve really made it look like a photo.
It’s awesome.

Thanks Stealth, I was going for that effect :stuck_out_tongue:

Lovely effect on the second picture. It looks like real photo!

That’s a great pose. Chesty was a bit harsh, but I still somewhat agree on the posing issue. It does look a little strange.

Everything else is superb and is worthy of an artistic. You earned mine.

In a way I agree with everyone on the posing, but I just imagined a old-ish man, in that circumstance, whilst fighting off other people, scavengers, pushing a cart, looking out for his son, etc etc. I thought he’d look kinda bent over and out of strength.