A Man Getting Rammed By A Combine


Hi this is my second pic posted here :smiley:

C&C&C&C&C PLEAAASE :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh am I allowed to post photoshopped images here?


Why is this optimistic?? o_0


You can post photoshopped images, it’s ok.

the title of this thread made me jizzu~


Thank you?

I didn’t know the Civil Protection officer was homosexual.

But really put work into the camera angles, this looks really odd.

A man got RAMMED by a combine… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I expected this (replace car with a guy)


Oh god why

Based on all your posts, I can’t tell if Pintoad is being serious, or just came to shitpost.

The “C&C&C&C&C PLEAAASE :P” bit is really confusing me as to which he is as well.

I was expecting the man to be bent over a couch.

I wasn’t aware the Combine was a single civil protection officer.

It means to construct and criticize! :smiley:

Get it?

No, it’s definitely Command and Conquer.


Since nobodies outright said it, i will.

The pose is terrible, the posing is awful and sloppy, the camera angle is shit, you didnt zoom in, and you didnt max your jpeg quality.

The only good thing about is that you actually activated the AA .

Whats the point, hes obviously an alt or troll :v:

Thank you! :smiley:

Troll proof!

are you nine