A man, his dog, and his doll (all in game)


This one was going to be the OP image, but I didn’t like the dog pose, but I’ll leave it here.

I was more serious in this pose, unlike the one I posted about an hour ago.

So it’s Fallout 3 meets 9? Cool.

Thanks, I was originally going to have the doll on his shoulder, but I thought it would look better if he was held, then I was gonna have it held by the arm, but I had trouble with that.

Maybe the doll coulda been walking on the ground?

Why didn’t I think of that?

Nice. The saturation/red bloom is a little odd but I still like the picture.

why does he have a doll

why would it be walking

how could it be on his shoulder

doll = rrerrtarded

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Do you ever watch TV or surf the internet? Also an imagination helps.

The movie 9, it’s an animated movie… I would explain but you should just look it up.

should have been holding it by arm.

I was gonna do that, but it was near impossible to look realistic.

Damn i just love that dog model

Good pose

Has a funny?

There is nothing funny when the only thing you have is a dog, a doll, and 2 guns.

why does he have a doll

The doll was the only thing he had to remember his family by…

Anyway, can somebody reskin the sackboy to look like “9” in the movie “9”?

A reskin wouldn’t be worth the effort. They’re shaped totally differently.

Is that a sackboy?

I wanted something similar though.

Sorta reminds me of I Am Legend

A lot of fictional characters and stories have characters walking with their dog.

I saw that LBP ragdoll, but couldn’t get it to work.