A man in an alleyway having bad memories.







Much more sombre followup to the Cyberpunk series(and hardest to make).
-Edit’s are so minor that “The Combine” will prolly call me out on it
-If you didn’t get the story, Jack and Jessica had fucked up some of the Corps bases, and escaped, but were tailed, and crashed, putting jessica into a long coma, while Jack is still alive and so is jessica(Her implants healed her) She’s still unconcious, and jack lost use of his right eye.

No that is not the same guy as the tortured police officer, i have limited models.

-Yes those are Dystopia/sin models/maps
-Ben i only rip you off because i CARE
Chronologically ordered issues:
Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3

“Memories” Issues:
Issue 1

The way his eye is closed is a little odd.

I couldn’t make any convincing effects to make it look like he’s lost use of that eye.

Critism time mah boi.
–>The posing is very odd in some pictures(Im reffering to the first and last)
–>The Editing is very odd(Im reffering to the Motion Blur on the tires but atleast you edited something)
–>The Eye is creepy
–>Do you have all your graphics to max cause everything looks really low res

The good things:

Happy Greetings
The Combine

I have my graphics to the very max

Than its okay.
Just improve your editing,posing and map choice.

Lol @ the random wooden door propped up as a ramp in a heavy industrial environment that can somehow take the weight of a car.

I couldn’t figure out the door either:)

Lol I just saw the random door there.

it’s a part of the map.

I use remover if there are any unwanted props in the map in question. Not all props can be removed that way though.

That’s my point, i found it and thought it might be useful

And then the man was a zombie.


Ohh I forgot floating doors obviously can work as a ramp for heavy cars.

Weird posing and needs a better editing on the motion.

It IS carbon fibre.

Standing in the rain COWAAAAARD!


Atleast i make poses of a faith about to be sliced open and of a ko’d jessica not zoey the lesbo

I didn’t make her lesbian. That would be your perception. :slight_smile:

I am twisted.

Anyone got CC?