A man is approached by a ravenous killing machine


That man already looks dead…

well that must sick big time

Dead or not, being run over by a Tiger tank can really ruin your day…
Anyway, the editing looks good!

That’s ganna leave a mark

The debris in the front seems a little low on contrast, it stands out a bit.

Otherwise pretty cool. But I do agree that he already looks dead.

yep he’s definitely dead. thanks for the c&c vmang

Human pancakes.

He does look a little dead and the debris in front looks strange, but yeah other then that it awesome

not as good as blueberry

“Yea, I’ll just take a nap RIGHT here.”

Yes, he is definitely dead.

I love those model’s ragdoll.

why is being dead such a bad thing

if I were him I’d be happy I were dead

Because then you don’t get to hear his blood churning screams.


Taking a nap with bloodstains on you, near the road, is one fucking bad idea.

I feel like the blur is too overwhelming, but its just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: Rest is great.

If I saw that coming at me, I would lay down head first. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of the MOH:AA logo

Actually it reminds me of MOH:AA in general.

The scenery, the desertness, etc.

is he crashed by tank?

good posing

Nice dusty smoke, motion blur and depth of field.

You’ve been playing a bit too much of Medal of Honor Airborne? :smiley:

Really nice picture Slug.