A man is posed in an akward stance because he jizzed in his pants.



may I ask why… did he jizz his pants

He ate a grape.


hold on a sec…eats a grape damnnnnnnn sits in awkward position

Haha, I loved this, made me watch the video 3 times!
Nice job XD

Three times?

Ok, where did everybody get the mysterious stranger model? I’m gone for a couple of months, and this happens.

Also, funny…

I have found a new love for this song.

Cool pose, too.

I love Gman and Stranger’s faceposes.

I saw this picture and I jizzed in my pants!



It’s on a certain website that a certain person has a certain account with that certain model.
On Topic:
Funny. That’s all I got

I do not approve of this shameless remake of my screenshot :smug:

[/undeserving sense of superiority]

I’m kidding, the screenshot’s great. The faceposing is a little over the top, however.

Take a moment to observe the art of pants jizzing:



But that’s directed! :v: Let it come cough natually and your face could end up looking like who knows what, this poor bastards turned out like this.

Most excellent hand posing ever.

Nice bump, dummy.

I love Gman’s expression.

or lack thereof.