A Man Looking Into The Distance, Smoking a Cig and Flippin' a Coin.


Haven’t posed in a while. This was mainly an editing test and also trying the L4D2 models.

And also here’s the original



  • There aren’t many good pictures of alleyways on the internet
  • I had to make the alleyway and i failed with the bricks
  • I forgot to pose the left arm
  • I Hate how the thumb looks
  • I like this note doing idea
  • I LOVE L4D2.
  • I Love Nick. (Not in a gay way)
  • And now i’m bored

… why you created the backdrop from scratch really confuses me. It looks terrible. Mainly because it is so horrible aligned and lacks any realistic perspective and because shadows are not that blurry in real life.

I’m not sure why you posted this, considering you seem to have spotted all the faults in your pointless notes.

Why didn’t you just pose it on some map that has a normal looking alleway? Would have looked much better.

No pic? (Holy shit FIlesmelt went down?!)


Its back thank god.

The alleyway looks bad, it doesn’t fit Nick at all.

I think it has an okay stylized look, but your own criticisms still stand.