A man meets his giant, wet fate at sea.


He gon’ die.

Oh my god. :ohdear:

Nice scene and editing zerax.

Yep. He is fucked. Nice.

Poor bastard, it’s nice i like the atmosphere and the monster although it could use some texturing, and the muzzle-flash is 2D.

Muzzleflash was done in-game, because I can’t do them for shit. I think it looks quite good, actually. In-game shiz can work well.

Truth is, so is the rest of the picture.

in-game ? Oh shi- i am sorry, it’s awesome.

Pretty nice, although why does he have an AK :confused:

I also demand sauce on that model.

that monster is soo dead

nice picture.

Dan always travels with his good 'ol trusty Olga.

And you mean the dinosaur model? It’s from here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=97407

Amazing altough some water dripping from the Sea Monster could have made this even more amazing!

That’s really really cool. I can’t emphasize it through text, but that’s is really really cool. :buddy:

This is a comment in your thread.

Someone is exhasted in giving constructive critisism ? I mean there is always a flaw you point out, and tell the OP how to fix it.

As the Heavy would say, “You are going to need MUCH bigger guns!”


He’s gonna need a bigger boat.

MUCH bigger boat

What the fuck, Chesty.

And to the picture: I like the athmosphere a lot! The posing is above-par, and the choice of models are astounding.

:iia: palettes for Zerax.