A man refuels his car while NOTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY AT ALL happens around him

*here in the western world we call it absolute carnage

on Panau… they call it Tuesday


let’s see, it’s got

-lens flares
-dust and smoke effects
-slight contrast of red and blue
-shit getting blown the fuck up

-introducing: GOD RAYS. first time including them in an outdoors scene

i think i remembered everything. couldn’t fit any terminators in there though

comparison up your arse:

this was a fun little piece but BY GOD were those trees a nightmare to isolate

total scenebuild of course, 15-17 lamps

Fucking incredible.

great shit yo

There’s something very disorienting about the ground or its textures. Perhaps its the fact that the man refueling his car is level with the camera while the rest is on an incline. It looks odd.

Anyone else tought of Just Cause 2?

that’s some nice fire.

no, because Panau totally ISN’T the Island in Just Cause 2 at all

oh, yeah, they’re driving over a hill. should have added a humwee peeking from behind the hill to make it a bit clearer i guess

Time for another Medal. Well earned!

reminds me more of farcry, BUT MAN IS THIS BONER INDUCING!

Too hot to handle and too cold to hold.

Erm whats the map? Or is it a scenebuild?
Great job btw, I wish I was that good at editing :L

Jesus I would have given you a winner for the isolation on the trees alone!

Really good work, love it.

That’s so crazy. Wallpapered.

Another amazing pic from Joazzz, well done!

Looks just like your typical Tescos fuel station in Manchester. Awesome stuff Joazzz

Holy crap, explosion effect looks realy nice man! Good one

The editing is downright astounding!

Generic comment showcasing massive approval.