A man scavenges for supplies


My first Serious picture along with first real editing attempt, I realize the picture is blurry, that’s what I get for playing around with Gimp and possibly over editing this peice. Anyway, I hope you like it, and I don’t blame you if you don’t, I think I could have done better.


More peeing on walls.

Well you are right, its tad blurry.

But the angle and prop placing look fine(you cant really tell because of the blurryness), make sure you tuck the ass of the ragdolls when your doing standing/walking poses, and remember to save the picture with 100 jpeg quality(because this pic’s quality looks poor), also dont use too many noise.

I did save it at jpeg_quality 100, unless I edited the picture that I took before I realized I hadn’t turned it on. Anyway, I’m glad you mention tucking in the butt, I really should have noticed that when I was making the picture. Thanks for you advice, I hopefully plan on trying to make another picture using all your advice, but most importantly,less blur.

And more peeing on walls

What, is the guy an egg head? Why is his hat so…comedic??