A man seeks refuge during ongoing storm


Why is your avatar so creepy?

Its ‘Sought’ not seeked, by the way. Anyways, cool pic, very atmospheric and a great backstory.

The story is nice, the pose and the editing is really good. As usual :smiley:

Cool flashlight effect. Overall good atmosphere.


Zing, R M S 1 3?

because irl Zerax is creepy.

i’ll fuck your shit up

Aaah, I see you succeeding in Flashlight editing. :smiley:
Awesome pic.

I like how the flashlight is weakened by the dust.

Neat-o Torpedo

Personally it looks more like a fallout 3 atmosphere rather than a storm, it has this sort of calming feel to it rather than a windy situation


Pretty neat, but I wish you put some more contrast in it. It’s too vague mhich makes it kinda hard to see.

Fuck total realism unless it’s supposed to look like it was taken by a bystander with a camera.

reminds me of the game stalker

thats the point

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ahahahahah, theres a swastika on the black wastelander’s hoody

What the crap is a swastika?

卐 :downs:

Thanks for the comments, guys! :buddy:

I like this, well the only bad thing is the low-res ground imo.

And the horrid low res truck.

The atmosphere is pretty perfect. Reminds me of Metro 2033.