A Man Should be Able to Defend Himself With His God Given Gifts

Why We Need Them

1. For use after your rock breaks.
As it stands right now once you break your rock, if you haven’t collected enough resources to have built a crude axe your only real option left is to kill yourself. Adding fists would allow us to trade off a restart for a bit of health to collect the resources required to make an axe, and or the ability to kill another newman for HIS precious rock.

2. For when a stranger thinks to step to your might.
Ever find yourself clunking away at barrels in hopes of finding a C4 blueprint, only to have some lesser being attempt to chase you away from your rightful loot? Well now you can put that poor fool in his place by giving him an old fashion southern beat down.

3. Settle disputes between fellow clansmen
We’ve all been there; you put your hard fought for poncho in the big crate for safe keeping over night, only to return to find one of your friends running around soiling it, and that just won’t do! You ask him to return your prized possession only to be responded to with total disrespect. There’s only one way to deal with this matter: a naked bout of hand to hand combat on the fight rock to settle who may bear the powerful piece of attire.

4. Rolling deep with your homies to jump weaker newmans.
Nothing says strength in numbers like banding together and roaming the island beating down and bullying newmans fool enough to enter YOUR territory.

5. Because nothing feels better than using your digital mutton mitts to bash in another man’s e-skull.
You’re sitting around your campfire roasting some fine human meat, when one of your followers begs the question of you, “Great leader, what is best in life?” You’ll sit quiet and stare into the dancing flames before responding with that which we all know to be true. “To watch your enemies flee and fall to the might of your fists.”

How to Balance it

1. Does half the damage of a rock to both newmans and structures.
As powerful as our fists may be, they could never hope to be as strong as a nice thick rock.

2. Punching resource nodes and walls does some form of damage to yourself.
Have you ever tried to take down a tree with just the strength of your two hands? Not a very bright idea.

3. Gloves could reduce said amount of damage.
We’re no beast, we have brains, so lets use them. Instead of bruising your beautiful knuckles wearing down your neighbors reinforced walls, cover them in some form of gloves so that the bruising isn’t directly visible.

Mock ups:
I’ll be adding to this over time. Currently can’t launch the game to get the reference shots I need.
Will also put up anything others might come up with.

You’re goddamn right! I hope they’ll add that.

as long as i can falcon punch

i agree with most of this. however i do not think you should even deal any damage to any building structures (besides twig ofcourse).

Edit: They should also add some cool flinching animations for when you punch someone in the face.

Yeah maybe you’re right about dealing damage to buildings, but it should still cause damage to yourself. Flinching animations are a definite plus.

I support, but in its current form you plan, that would really just be some kind of drunken medieval fight.

But here comes in the problem of arcadeness for me, as it is a plain TF2 style melee thingy right now:
Survivors, soldiers, stalkers, hunters (people whom I suppose we play in the game) may all be able to have some kind of modern/eastern fighting technique, which takes melee to a whole new point, not to speak about damage compared to the different weps.

-What if he simply kills the enemy by cracking his neck in one move?
-Having a rock or knife in a fight supposed to be faaar less disatvantage IRL, at some point it is not even disadvantage at all.
-I dont think that gun wielding individuals should get so huge advantage either. Letting someone reach you through melee hits should make you impossible to shoot him while he is bashing an axe in your chest. Who wouldnt grab the gun-wielding hand first, if he got to melee with such a person? You should be unable to shoot for some time, just like in mount and blade.

Current rust melee is a plain arcade, tf2 style, caveman-fight. It does not represent the player’s ingame character, who cannot really melee better than a drunken shit, but builds, crafts complex handguns, explosives, door-locks, wields bow at the same ability he wields thompson, and pistol, goes into radioactive territories for loot, and fights beasts. I have read metro, and these excellently represent one type of person, it is the stalker. Except that they dont fight like a pussy. :slight_smile:

It is a walking dead. Very same way of (american(sorry xd)) thinking: bad melee for everyone, almost no proper swords (in WD its like banned except for one)…

Uh, yeah man. Maybe you could rephrase this? I’m not entirely sure as to what you’re getting at.

Now if they could make the melee like in Chivalry it would be awesome but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen :smiley:

Nope, make it mount and blade. If they do better melee, the only melee game they can take ideas from, is mount and blade. :smiley: it is the best one if they want to give everyone chance during a fight even when having disadvantage.

“metal/brass knuckles” anyone?? I would love to see fist-fighting in the game, as I would Fu**ing LOVE to host boxing matches in an arena.

Chivalry’s combat is far superior from M&Bs ,it’s much more immersive and has a huge skill cap+ it’s much more suitable for 1st person, I’m not sure what you mean by “having disadvantage”

It would be awesome, yeah. Brass knuckles would be a fun upgrade for pugilism, too.

But you should almost always take a slight amount of damage when you attack unarmed.

Just a little proof that I am indeed making mock-ups. Just very slowly.


That grass looks like real garbage, going to start over.

completely unrelated but i love your avatar! got two fuzzies of my own

Well you’ve got to expect that they’ve thought about it quite extensively, and probably early on.

If nothing else, the rock is symbolic (like the crowbar) and was meant to be the lowest tier of possession. If you ran out of rock before you came up with something better, you really deserved the suicide that followed.

Sounds good to me. Each melee weapon should have range, damage, and attack speed as a rock paper scissors balancing technique.

Spear does most damage and range but has the longest cooldown (or a chance of getting stuck/ broken depending on quality), A small hatchet would make quick work of someone, but you’d have to get up close and personal while getting down and dirty (armor would nerf the axe’s effectiveness, but not the spear’s), while fists are the fastest in terms of attack speed but take a while to kill someone…

something like that, might be fun.

edit: as for complete unarmed combat, I think a “disarm” option should be available if you sneak up on someone, also should be an option to kill them.

Beyond that, getting too complicated with the melee in Rust seems counter intuitive, it should be fun, easy to pick up but difficult to master. Kind of like rock fighting in legacy.

I feel like some of you guys are wanting to make this more complicated than it needs to be. I just really wanted to be able to punch people.

I saw the title and thought this was about cock and balls. carry on.

I also would like the ability to punch the shit out of people. Mostly my friends. Some way to straighten them out that doesn’t require me to give them a bandage after.

I’ve never played Chivalry, but I do love M&B. Could you give a brief description of the combat in Chivalry? (I’m at work otherwise I would youtube it myself)

Just a couple days ago I was playing M&B Warband and thinking that I wished I could build my own base like in Rust, or conversely, that I could fight in Rust like I do in M&B.

I think the “disadvantage” he was talking about is being outnumbered or under equipped but being able to win a fight with good blocks and positioning and attacks if you’re good enough.