A man stabbing a prostitute.

I have no idea how long it’s been since I’ve played Garry’s Mod, let alone pose, so I thought I’d cover up my possibly iffy posing with a moderately heavy amount of editing… I apologize if it appears too dark, I have an old CRT monitor, so the editing was done to, well, I’m sure you can figure it out. Personally, I think the poses turned out rather well, considering Garry’s Mod posing still feels broken compared to Gmod 9’s.

I laughed my balls off just looking at the title.

Attention grabbing, isn’t it? Also, I’m uploading the originals for anyone to edit.




Unedited originals.

Oh, and does anyone have any recommended maps for posing? As well as character ragdolls?

Is that guy stabbing her titts?

He’s stabbing them. Below them. Above them. Wherever he can sink that knife. He’s hackin’ whackin’ ‘n smackin’.

You my friend
Are a sick person

Modern day jack the ripper ey?

Yeah, that’s actually what I had in mind when I began.

Butcher Pete FTW!

Nice. I originally thought this was gonna be a play on words, yet…

Thanks, that’s just how I roll.

What a lovely set of pictures.

Well at least someone finally used the Fakefactory Alyx model in the role it looks like she was modelled for.

lol why stab her? :stuck_out_tongue: joking

physgun_timetoarriveragdoll 0.02

That should bring back the old way of posing from GM9 (makes the physgun stiffer).

i guess she was charging too much for a blowjob

Whitechapel 1888 amirite?