A man standing in the middle of a snowy street looking at some car wrecks


Original: http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/568/deurbanwarfare0000.jpg


Nice snow.

and lighting.

and posing.

Very nice, I miss those bandit models :c

Wow, Incredible.

In my eyes this pic looks perfect :stuck_out_tongue:


huh…why is he a faggot?

It gets peoples attention.

maybe he’s gay

maybe he’s just a faggot

who knows

maybe under that suit he is a blue clown who is from virginia

Yeah, why’s this?

Really nice though, love the editing.

That bandit is gay

Maybe he’s bi.

You don’t know where that shotgun has been…

rusty bullet hole?

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I’d add more contrast in the middle, imo

I thought he was aiming that weapon.
Really nice.

Why did my thread get renamed?

It was descriptive , and it did not go over the rules.

Maybe he just wasnt enough of a faggot, so hes just a man XD

Thanks for the comments.

Can i get zum moar?