A man subjects himself to interpretive art

why the fuck didnt the photographer help them before they died???

So a bunch of dead Zombies, colourful lighting and your own player in this picture? Totally not worth a thread.

this is just like the guy who just took pictures instead of helping him get off the train tracks…

thanks for your outstanding criticism

It looks like little to no effort got put into this and you’re being sarcastic?

i really just think youre being closed minded

you dont know me

Oh OK then sure, brb while I go find my lenseless glasses and make a comment about how edgy this is.

sounds good to me man nice shades

I love how lately GHOST just started hanging around here recently and is already acting warlord.

Criticism sure, but there is a thin line between that and complaining because you get off by being a dick.

Alright then, I’ll lay off and try to be more constructive next time, thanks for actually telling me I was being a dick, I tend not to realise until someone tells me. (No sarcasm in this post, just to clarify)