A man telling the story of his life.

This was inspired by a guy I saw the other day who instantly made me think of something like a one person show.

I know the head hack is painfully obvious, but this wasn’t the originally intended model. If anyone wants to edit it with smoke that’d be neat.


C&C I guess.

May I suggest http://krispyskorner.com/hosting

Filesmelt is having database issues again.

Sorry about that, if Imageshack was being a real piece of shit I’d of used that instead.

I’ll update the OP with a different host.

That and the angle ruin the picture.

What could’ve been done about the angle? I like this angle.

There is way too much empty space, you should have gotten closer to the character.

Edit: and maybe turned the camera by 90 degrees so you get something like this:


I’ll take a look at it when I play Gmod later. Thanks.