A man trying to hide from the tripedal nightmare

Wanted to build my own tripod this time. Searchlights are badass so I added one.

Some thread music:


Original: http://filesmelt.com/downloader/cs_assault0012.jpg

A bit better night edit than the last one?

in the tripods mind “balance… baaalance- OH FUCK IT’S FALLING!” (if you get what i’m saying then bake yourself a cookie, no… make it 20)

Have a wood.

I don’t like cookies.

Do you mean it looks very unstable and is about to fall down?

As I always say. If you gonna be hunted by something, it better have decent search lights.

Very nice work. Have a palette.

what prog u use to edit this scene?

Please spell properly.

I use GIMP to edit my pics, because it’s free.

The night edit is pretty decent. You need to work on your splashes though, as I stated on a previous picture. The best method is probably to just use some custom brushes.

Ok. My problem is that I usually try to do stuff with the default brushes only, and then fail.

The edit is pretty good, but you fucked up the contrast a little, if you look at the colors on the mans jacket and the car. Your rain looks good tho, but it looks like its only rain infront of him, and nothing behind, try and get a little more perspective on it.

About the rain: Ok.

About the contrast: Yeah, but the white car was glowing like a lighthouse and the jacket was way too bright first. But I’ll be more careful next time.

Isolate them both and duplicate them into their own layer, then you adjust the contrast and colors induvidually.

I tried that, but failed :frown: Well I hope I succeed next time.

Strange breed between a Strider and something else. But I really like the pic. Have a palette.

It’s not a strider and it doesn’t originate from a strider or any else HL2 war machine. It’s just built from strider parts.

The spotlight editing looks pretty cool. :v:

Strider with a big light on it? Nice editing.

Not a strider. It’s a green strider hunter gunship mortar-synth thingy.

Thanks :tiphat:

Hey, i was bored so i edited your pic. It´s ok if i post it?

Go ahead.