A man using some kind of dark power tentacles to slowly kill a soldier.

No, those aren’t cracks in the asphalt, the dude is just spreading the darkness around him.

HE COMES… ZALGO! I mean… nice piece of work.

oshit he’s gonna fall into the cracks on the floor!

the “dark electrical arcs” kind of suck. otherwise pretty neat i guess.

Didn’t I mention they aren’t cracks?

Well, yeah, still trying to get electricity effects right.

sweet pose and edit dude

Yea I really like this too.
Great job.
Less cod/l4d/tf2 MORE SUPER HUMANS.

I’d rather not just spam the screenshots section with super-human poses just because Prototype has just come out.

Sorry, Chesty, I had nothing better to do and this popped into my mind first. I’m sorry.

But if this is spamming, what could I do not to spam?

For electricity it should have outer glow i think.
Editing is pretty good, only thing that bothers me is evil stuff on the ground. It looks 2D

No no no I didn’t mean this picture is spamming (this picture is great), I just didn’t really like Cornwalas’ idea… maybe I should have just quoted him!


reminds me of the game named The Darkness.

Oh fuck,call Sora,we have a heartless here!!

This dude eats heartlesses as his breakfast.

If i saw that in real life i would have a “o.O’?” Kind of face on…And then this face “O.O” and then this one “X.X”.




Someone ban him…

Yeah sure, ban someone who bumped a two month old thread.

I do agree though he shouldn’t have done it anyway just to say “prototype!”

Actually he bumped like 10 threads. And some were older than others, so it adds up to about a 2 year old bump.