A man who got his ass kicked and a couple of angry passersby.

Rorschach right now. Again, I must apologize if this appears too dark on your monitors, I’m poor and cannot afford a fancy LCD. I wish civilians had individual fingers.



Lighting is odd. What are those lines? Is that rain? If so it’s quite bad. If not… what the heck are they? Black borders are too big in my opinion.

No, those lines aren’t rain. I added them to give it a sort of grainy effect. And yes, I agree the borders are a bit big as I look at them now. I’ll stick with the original 20 pixel ones from now on. As for the lighting, could you please elaborate?

Nice posing.

The thing that stands out most is how bright and blue Odessa is.

The lighting/colors of the pic remind me of the color palette used in the comic.
well, it looks that way to me :confused: dont know if that was intended but it dosnt look right in this screen.

Ah, yes. Well that might be because he’s standing under a blue spotlight. Probably not a good place for him now that I think about it. I’ll take care in the future to avoid minor oversights such as this. Thanks.


That’s what I was shooting for. Any suggestions on what I could do to improve it?

Im not so good at editing myself so dont get advice from me…my advice fails :smiley:
there is always the internet to learn from ;D

The black dude on the pic must had a hard time riding his bike with no tires lol.

One of the fingers on the citizen on the ground is clipping, I like the idea, the posing and the colors, but Chesty is right about the lights and the grain lines.

Hey, give the poor guy a break. He’s gotta use whatever he can get, lol. As for the clipping, yes I noticed that shortly after I started editing it. Nothing I could do about it at the point. And I will no longer use the grainy lines. I don’t really like them too much myself.