A man who is seperated from his wife during the invasion goes on a journey to find her


It’s pretty sharp. I see the random spickle spackles in the water.


Where’s your bewbies avatar!!!

It’s sharp on purpose

Boa is better than boobies anyways :colbert:

Exposition exposition tralala tralala!
I like it, besides the title n’all.



Awesome. A bit too sharp at some areas however…

Very nice, although the rebel outfit ain’t the… perfect fit.

Can’t say much since we don’t have scavenger-ish kinda looking people.

A shovel? Anyway! I like it. Very peaceful.


Yeah I thought the rebel was a little out of place too actually.



improvised paddle



brilliant blur, the only thing i don’t like is the lantern appears to be floating

I think the sharpness is just fine, except on the lid of the jar/lantern.

Yeah I was gonna put some rope on it but I forgot lol


yeah the jar was kinda messed up but I just went with it lol