A Map Addition/Edit

Basically, the map I would like consists of content from two maps, merged into one. From rp_city45_catalyst_v1f or rp_city45_catalyst_v1e_r (The reason for ‘or’ this is stated later)and rp_c18_v2. We would prefer content from v1f except that I believe that it would not be allowed due to it stating “This map is not authorized for use outside of Catalyst Gaming” so if that’s not an option, then the other map which was open to the public should be fine. Basically, I would like the Nexus and the embassy(Only in v1f) to replace the nexus and add an area near the new nexus for the embassy. I will offer $40 on this project and would like to speak more over steam. If you would like to take up this project, please PM me with your steam information. Pictures below. (Note, the pictures are huge)

Pretty sure that this is allowed considering you will be making a substantial difference in the map, also, I would make a requirement be that all credit is stated (In non rainbow text) to the original mappers and the editor of these maps. If it’s not allowed, well then please have this thread removed.

Increasing payment to $60.

PM’d you. Add me on steam: elite128350.

Oh dear. :tinfoil:

His name is supposed to be ironic, I think. He made a post in Pimpage a few days ago, and his work is actually really good.

Still open, couldn’t make a deal due to payment method conflicts (I only will pay in paypal.)

I swear, I was listening to a Seven Lions track when I saw your name…

Also, on topic. I am not quite sure if I got what you were trying to say here…

Where? What don’t you understand?

Can you provide download links to the maps so we can see what it is you want replacing?

rp_city45_catalyst_v1f can be d/l here and rp_c18_v1 can be d/l here basically, I want the nexus from v1f along with the embassy to replace the nexus in rp_c18_v1 and have the embassy added near the new nexus, somewhere close.

The embassy isn’t going to fit in City 18 unless you manage to optimize it further (in my experience, I tried several attempts during the construction process and it was sacrificing too much of the appearance over functionality). When I first built it for rp_city45_catalyst_x1f, it took up 20% of the map and I just don’t see it as being feasible from an optimization standpoint unless you can find multiple purposes for it ingame.

You can go ahead and extract it from a decompiled VMF but I really don’t think what you’re trying to accomplish is going to achieve the proper purpose. It was hard enough getting it segregated from the new slum area and left very little room for me to do anything else with the map.

Anyway, if you need advice or help then let me know over Steam @ thejackal47 or search for OzJackal in the Community tab - I’d personally prefer to do the import myself and have it work as intended rather than let somebody else do it but it’s up to you.

P.S: You could’ve asked me on Steam/Catalyst Gaming forums if you could use the Embassy in a map edit. Decompiling a map without the original author’s permission/knowledge regardless of whether you’re crediting them in the map can lead to arguments. I don’t really care in this case but it’s something to keep in mind for next time.

Yeah, That’s what I was trying to avoid, anyway, if it was a problem I could have easily been done with. Anyway, adding you now, thanks.