A Map for Scenebuilding

i do quite a lot of scenebuilds in GMod, and that means that i need very large maps with no lighting, so that i can put in my own lamps and props. Joazzz did some maps that are basically what i had in mind, but since they’re pretty old they use regular skyboxes instead of ones that can be edited with Skypaint and the editor entity. so basically what i’d like to ask for is a totally flat, dark map, with Skypaint capabilities - if that wouldn’t be too much hassle, of course.

Unl want a completely flat map with a skybox? Like flat grass kind of?

yeah, pretty much. just a completely dark, flat map with an editable skybox like the one on Flatgrass and Construct.

it should have a fog controller too; scenebuilds are nothing without fog

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also there should be several versions for different lighting conditions, like day, overcast and night.

well i figured that would be kind of unnecessary, since if you’re setting up your own skybox for the scenebuild then you’re likely to be setting up your own lighting, too.

except uhhhhhh you can’t make a night scene in a day map and proper daylight is hard to set up in a pitch black night map…

hard to set up, but necessary - it’s impossible for the map’s lighting alone to account for all of the possible skyboxes you could use. so if i want a pink sky but none of the maps included have matching lighting, then i’m going to have to use the dark map and set up some lamps either way. i just think it’s more customizable this way.

I can make you one if I have time.

i used gm_scenebuild_storm for my daytime scenebuilds because it had that dark yet not quite nighty atmosphere to it. i think that’s the best way to do it

I could make this map in about 5 minutes. Does anyone know the name of the skybox in the gm_flatgrass map?

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Ok, I made the map you requested. I need to change the skybox and edit a few other things, but other than that it’s done. Tomorrow, I’ll run a final compile and upload the map.

Here’s some screenshots:

I seem to be encountering some issues trying to get the skybox to work.

Why don’t you just use the original Skypaint tool. It allows you to override the skybox in any map.