A map I am making for a CounterStrike Contest

I am making a jail map for CounterStrike, that is going to be entered into a competition. The theme is combine, and I am trying to recreate the architecture best I can.

Any ideas for games I should put in it?

Looks awfully dark.

Its much brighter in game. For some reason screenshots don’t like me.

Looks awesome! The only thing I’m not too sure about really is the kinda grid at the top of this screeny

I’m really not sure. Could just be me not having played the singleplayer or seen combine architecture in a while. :v:

What grid?

The topmost of the screen shot, its in a pseudo honeycomb pattern. Not combine architecture.

Oh you mean the devgrid… yeah that’s a placeholder. I don’t know what I am going to do to the roof.


No, the architecture from right above the doorway to the ceiling.

Oh. I see what you mean, I saw a bit of architecture similar to that while playing the citadel, while riding the prisoner pod I believe. It fits, it doesn’t have to be exact architecture, and it looks good.