A map

Why isn’t this a good idea i know that many people says “You can just navigate with the sun” and “Use the big mountain” but anyway why not add a map as a feature to the game. It would make it easier for newbies to find each other, and maybe this will make them play the game in a longer period than just 1-2 days.

The map should:
Not show exactly where you are
It should be drawn when walking around
The areas discovered should only be on that specific map and not be like if you pick up a new map it would show the same as your other map, no you should discovered on the new map too.

you don’t need to be a boy scout to tell east/west from the sun, and you can find north/south from shadows. landmarks are easy to notice, especially the mountains/hills in the background and concrete structures. being able to craft a map sounds nice but i think that would only work if you had to create it by exploring and drawing it yourselfl. maybe the best kind of map for this game would be a simple piece of paper tracing your location without much detail, something very rudimentary if anything at all…

I would like to have an ingame map but only without showing my location. So atleast I dont have to alt-tab all the time!

The map should not show your location that would not be realistic.

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The map could be like in minecraft where you need to explore the place before it is drawn on your map.

You couldn’t just use one of the other 1,000 threads about a map?