a mapper in need of "mid-evil" props

So! I’m making a Castle map for Garry’s mod.

I hit a wall when i realized this project needs some mid-evil props due that using hammer’s BSP is not a good way to make a “great” looking shields or swords. i do not have the exp to make my own or i would. i have blender and all i can make on that is a polygonal mess.



I’m not going to lie, i have quite a list of things that need to be made. “plz :)”

things to be modeled, “medieval style”



candle stick pole with candle
fancy mid evil bed
long feasting table
Chair for the feasting table
kings chair
wall lights, like burning torches or lanterns
hanging Chandelier

various tools ex.
smithy hammer, tongs, etc
open wooden barrel

Corn stalks with corn, can be cheaply done
Corn bags open and closed.

and last but not least.

A cart, perhaps just the body no wheels.

ill do some tooling around to see if i can find any good models that i could use.

if you need an approximate size of certain items let me know ill try my best to explain

What is “mid-evil”? Sounds like halfway between good and evil. I believe the word that you are looking for is “neutral”.


what i mean is medieval feel. you know the age that took place from the 5th century to the 16th?
im trying create a medieval castle and environment.

i must apologize for the spelling. it was a late night and i was really tired