A Mappers Guide To Leaks

A leak is when there is a hole in the level, Or part of the level is outside in the void Imagine this:

Your level is a large water tank, And the water must stay in the level for the fish/Player to play in, If there is a leak, All the water escapes, Even if the leak is at the top of the map.

What can cause a leak?
Entities out side the map
holes in the skybox
Model Origins (The blue sphere)
Displacements DO NOT block up holes, Add a brush under it
some Entity brushes don’t block up the skybox, Be aware of this when using the Pointfile

How to identify a leak!
Water is white and looks terrible: http://filesmelt.com/dl/water1.PNG
Light settings can mess up
The skybox will break is certain areas
When the compile log says: LEAKED, Belive it or not, You have a leak

How to fix a leak
Click on the map tab and select “Load Point file”



Simply select all the items that are around the red line and delete them
Plug up any holes and laugh:

The red line will stick around until you compile or press “Unload Pointfile” in the map tab

Beware though, Just putting a new Box of sky around your map is a VERY poor way to fix the problem

Actually the line will stick around till you press unload Pointfile. :downs:

Really? Mine went when i recompiled

So good guide or what?

You forgot about displacements not blocking the void, as well as brush entities.

Ah, Will add!

Other ways to spot a leak is that the skybox will stop working in some areas.

Added both

Also I think you should add that making a skybox around your entire map to fix the error is a poor solution.


Damn it, what is this? Automerge-break-day?


You forgot the most obvious way of discovering a leak:

When it says leaked whatever in the compile window.


Needs more visual reference. Pictures of what a compile error looks like, and how to fix one.

Back in tiiiiiiime

Alternatively we have a damn mappers encyclopaedia with answers to this and more.

And func_detail

The water doesn’t always have to go white, in most cases, the water surface isn’t rendered, leaving a unrendered hole there. If you go underneath the surface, the world above the water isn’t rendered.

Also, instead of comparing it to a watertank, I would compare it with a spaceshuttle. If there is a hole in it, the de-compression and oxygen supply wouldn’t work and your head would pop.

I laughed so hard when I saw this. Have a funny.