A mapping system ?

Hello everybody !

I was wondering if it was possible, or if there was already a way to make mapping in Rust.
It would be very useful for the RP servers wishing to create their own map (Lakes, creeks, specific mountains)

Thank you in advance and excuse I if I made mistakes.

Well there’s the map item. It’s shit but well it’s a start…

But I can’t create a Rust map with the map item… Hum… You know what I mean :frowning:

Not really, no.

I mean you can draw on that map, so…theoretically u can do any map u want, and it even stays black (the background) aslong as u don’t put it in your hotbar.

If u mean with mapping to put a map on a wall or so, to show it of, u need to use signs for that, atm.

If u dont know how to open the Map (Map item), just put it in your hotbar and press G. It should show up, you can also draw with rightclick.

No, I just want to create a real Rust map, not an item to view the map, create radtowns, moutains, lakes, other structures…

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Like noggit for Wow

He wants to literally create a map, like hapis for example. It’s not possible, at least not right now. Devs haven’t stated whether they want this to eventually be a thing, most likely they won’t allow it until at least after the game hits 1.0 release. For now just browse around for a map seed that kind of does what you’re looking for, I think there’s a website for it somewhere out there.

Oh I see now, sorry I totally misunderstood the question!

There is a map designer but it’s not released and I don’t think it’s about to be. Hapis Island is actually made with that editor and the devs have stated that they want to release it some day. It doesn’t appear to be a priority right now, so don’t hold your breath.

It would be extremely nice to have this, I agree!

Lol… what u mean is a Map-editor^^

And I don’t think that they are realsing the Editor for Rust in this year.

Atleast not in the next few months

Okay thanks to all for your answers, all that’s left is the waiting now :frowning:
If somebody has the link about which spoke Zipper Bear, it would be good :slight_smile: