A marine running away from a crashing helicopter + bonus


I didn’t really like the way this one came out, so I decided to just include it as a bonus instead of making a new thread for it:


Use the face-poser next time, he is to calm.

thats one cool Marine compltly ignoring the explosion lol

But cool pics regardless

He doesn’t look too worried on the first screenshot

would’ve added more impact with a proper facepose imo

The explosion in the first one is kinda meh.
But the second pic got some awesome effects (Blur, grain?, smoke and lights)
Posing on the flare guy is weird tho. (Hands & arms)

He is faceposed. You can’t really see it that well, but I’ve made his mouth slightly open and eyebrows raised. But yeah, I guess I should have tried giving him more expression. Although getting a good, emotional facepose on the citizen faces is fucking hard.

I thought the flare picture looked pretty good, actually.

I didn’t like it because the pose on the marine looks just weird for some reason and I also don’t like how the background and those jets came out. The background in the second picture is actually taken from that latest MW2 trailer, from that part where a marine is waving his hands, holding 2 flares.

Yeah that’s obviously where they got the insipration from for MW2.

Are SCARs like the new in-thing now? Every military pose and video game seems to have them now.

They look cool.

I’m not going to disagree with you there! I just find it strange that I see them everywhere now, but I didn’t before.

I think they are getting used more in real life, I started seeing them in one of the ghost recons and I see them everywhere ever since.

And they might replace the M4 carbine.