A marine shooting in a um... countryside?

Abit meh, but anyways

Posed by me, edited by Lt. Mark

Nice backround and posing.

Where can I get a weapon like that, sir?


I think hes to lazy to the weapon himself

that is a pretty bad edit, sorry to say.

Nice edit you got there, Also, the soldier’s hand holding the grip looks like one of his fingers are going up straight, like firing a imaginary gun.

The soldier needs to blend in the backround. Y’know, make it seem he actually belongs in the backround. Right now he seems to be popping out as if he was just pasted there.

Otherwise, good posing.

Uhh… actually I think this is one of Mark’s ugliest edits as of late…

The smoke is weird and far too opaque, the dodging and burning is really excessive, he doesn’t really fit into the scene, and the muzzleflash is just plain ugly (it is emitting no light, creeping onto the gun, and smoke covering it up is very, very ugly)

At least the posing is good, you have been getting plenty of practice making pictures of people aiming off screen -.-

So stop rating me disagree, people that arent blind can see it.

No offense to L.T mark

I hated the muzzle though…

-_- How hard is it to think of ideas D:

Its fine, could use some touch ups on the soldier/background blending,
but couldnt say I could do any better.

The lighting doesn’t really fit. The smoke it far too wispy, the muzzleflash is terrible and the blur looks bad.

Not edited by me.

I was talking to LT. Mark really… although I doubt he’ll hear me because it seems he only goes in the editing thread.

Considering that

-He hasnt thought this out very well
-Marine in a country side?
-Muzzle is wierd…?

I thought this was abit…