a massive list of crap that would be nice in gmod

i can do without the models if there is none, but they are preferable (for the sweps). i dont want someone to do all of this, but this thread is probably better than 500 threads of stuff for gmod, if you are going to attempt some of this try not to use counter strike (the hands are ok as people can simply download them of gmod.org) chances are your going to laugh/look disaproving upon me for half these suggestions-some might actualy be impossible in gmods current state, but anyway

1: avp sweps (make these npc useable)
a smartgun
pulse riffle
pipe bomb launcher (of the first or second game-not in the third)
wristblades (they could use either the crowbar or the knife animation)
plasma caster (this could possibly fit with the knife animation)
cloaking (this shouldent make you completely invisible, and is it possible to rig it to a key?

2:random sweps
call down suicide bomber babies from the sky
a shotgun that plants flowers
a chuck norris spawner
a sticky grenade that makes every npc attack whoever it has stuck to
a grenade that blows up with confetti (that looks the same as the hl2 grenade)
a swep that, primary fire is either a dagger or some one handed weapon, and rightclick teleports you to where you are pointing (probably with a range limit)

3: dues ex stuff (this will require modeling, or porting-preferably modeling)
a nsf guy (terrorist, they are on your side) http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/0/569/206990-800px_bruteforce_super.jpg
a security bot http://media.photobucket.com/image/nsf%20deus%20ex/KuroNekoKawaii/Other/DX1-NSFSecurityBot.,
mj12 comando http://media.photobucket.com/image/mj12/Build_more_tanks/mj12commando.jpg has missiles and machineguns
a unatco soldier http://content.ytmnd.com/content/5/0/1/5013edca0591490a73575834a16268df.jpg

4: more animations, perhaps some of the l4d animations (that dont crash the game, since avon said he found some of those)

5:i am not int warhammer, but some of the weapons would be nice

6: some long jump thing, similar to the preds in avp3, maybe even a mirrors edge type movement system (for example sprint+ duck is a slide tackle, and fall+sprint+duck=roll)

7: an avp marine (with the rebel coding) but with a shoulderlamp
an avp android (same, with more health, and possibly white blood)
a predator that is NOT simply a rebel with a pred model
and an alien that is not a fastzombie

8: stargate stuff, because these arent wanted in any of the stargate threads
a decent deathglider/x302/ wraith dart (these already exist, but could be so much better)
a jaffa npc, both free and slave, and the guards (horus,serpent,jackal) that are decent (the ones in sg mod are crap)
wraith, they should use normal weapons and there hands (that suck life in a vampiric fashion)
wraith stunners, ori staff weapon, wraith hand (should paralyze and steal health, giving you about up to 500 health, can also heal teammates at the cost of your own health)

9: some kind of autorun that makes models in an addon player model with player animations