A matter of life and death for Zoey.

Me and flares don’t mix so well. I always end up overdoing them. Missed on the muzzle smoke to. No matter.


I don’t get it?

I mean, they could of pissed into the jar, piss is sterile you know.

Why do you think the sniper keeps his piss in a jar? For those long nights of waiting… waiting… for the target.

Like I was gonna make a shoot of the Left 4 Dead survivers drinking piss. I think not:)

But I will.

I love these ridiculous ideas :v:

I doubt Zoey would have been able to shoot all 4 survivors before being shot herself!

Unless they were asleep or facing in the opposite direction, or only she had the gun.

Well, femininity with a Beretta can easily slaughter manhood however macho it thinks it is.

Ps! I think it’s a Beretta. Don’t know how accurate Kermite’s pistols pack is.


She only needs to shoot 3 survivors I think:)

The grammar is kind of off should it read

“I’m sorry but there wasn’t much water” ?

No, she wanted all the water for herself. Greedy…

Hang on, “There was so much water”?

shoots the gang, including herself

What have you done?! D:<

Ok, take it from this standpoint, your own piss is toxic to yourself, it is perfectly fine to drink other people piss but not your own.

Ok listen guys. The correct grammar here would be “I’m so sorry, but there was only so much water left”.
And really! Should Zoey kill her friends over a jar of piss. Seem somewhat unethical to me, and it lesser her hotness:)

Facts! Urine is bacteriostatic (free from bacteria) and it is recommended for people who are lost at sea to drink urine rather than salt water. Urine is mostly water and can keep you alive case of dire survival situations. It also contains minute quantities of various chemicals, such as amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and minerals. But it is only recommended as a last resort. It is after all a waste product.


Wrong. The survival guy (Bear Grylls) on the Discovery channel (UK) once drank his own urine on the show as a demonstration. It can be done to give the body fluid. Not much nourishment value in it though. It is only for keeping the body from drying out.