A medic tries to save a heavy

Original >> http://www.cubeupload.com/files/4bf800cpwell0001.jpg <<


Posed by yours truly.


Chesty’s extremely clean edit (I’m impressed)

The bloom nearly killed me.

Brilliant. Both of ye.


really nice flesh wound and flamethrower effects, has a nice tf2 style to it,

as for Chesty’s, muzzle flash and blood looks really nice


I’ll admit that effect arround the flame is a nice touch, making it seem hot and all. The flame is… Okay I guess.
However the medics stomach looks fucked, you tried to fix it, but you didn’t exactly manage to make it look any better, just… different but still bad.

The wound has no depth, it looks like its placed on top of the medics vest and not going inside it.

Posing seems alright, but the bloom looks like trash and the overall colors of the pic are very plain.

Edit: second pic didn’t load the first time, this was about GB’s edit.

holy crap i was about to do something like this

Beat ya to it :clint: I was going to try more of a realism gritty feel … But i got tired


Theres no wound on the medic you 'tard. Didn’t i tell you not to post in my threads? :c00lbert:
Go on, skidaddle outta here

holy shit you really are a goddamn vampire, don’t make me get my garlic, damnit

there isn’t a wound on the medic, for a start. The colours are perfectly fine(they’re TF2 colours deal w/it), and the bloom is fine too.


" doc you can fix me, right?"

My bad, I did ofcourse mean the heavy, not that I should expect you to understand that.

every single GB thread i see you post some bad shit about the picture that isn’t even valid.
just fuck off already

I shed a tear. :geno:

Hah, nice picture :slight_smile:


D’aww, don’t get involved mate i find it rather funny sometimes

Neat, but that brilliat text is unfitting.

Why didn’t you use the real critical hit sprite?

Didn’t know there was one

Use the TF2 Font and create 3 seperate text layers

then, make the bottom one 100% opacity, move the second halfway up and put it to 75% opacity, and then move the final one halfway up the second and put it to 50% opacity

instant TF2 Critical

of course you have to make them light green too